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chisiamo 01 The Carnevali Dino S.A.S. of Carnevali Wilma and Ugo is found in Northern Italy which was founded in 1960 as a generic Machine Shop.
Due to its location with a unique market segment located near by for the production of paint brushes and brooms, Carnevali Dino S.A.S. became more specialized in the production of small, mechanical tools for the Brush Industry.
From that moment for the better part of 50 years, the company has worked and developed an engineered production for trimming every kind of brush. Carnevali Dino S.A.S. is no longer limited to the local market and has expanded, first, in its own nation of Italy and then, with sales worldwide. Even so, the company still remains a small, family owned company open to a confidential rapport with its customers. This has not impeded a continual modernization of the technology and the challenge to continually improve the products. Carnevali Dino S.A.S. has an open mind to provide personalized solutions to specific problems that their customers face. The simplicity of the organization of Carnevali Dino S.A.S. allows for very competitive prices, without giving up efficiency and service provided to customers.
The Carnevali Dino S.A.S. exposes for many editions at the inernational expo Inter Brush in Freiiburg , Germany, bringing its image worldwide.

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